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DUI Suspect Threatened Arresting Officers Lives

A woman suspected of driving under the influence allegedly threatened to rape and kill the officers involved in her arrest.

On October 21, 30-year-old Sarah Jane Doughty was reportedly drinking alcoholic beverages in a Salt Lake County bar.

When the woman wanted to leave the establishment it was reported that more than one person tried to intervene and stop her from driving her vehicle.

Doughty allegedly disregarded the advice and proceeded to drive her car through the bar’s parking lot, but her automobile made an impact with two other vehicles before she was able to exit the premises.

After allegedly causing the car accident, Doughty reportedly got out of her vehicle and quickly left the scene on foot.

When the police arrived they said they located Doughty in an area near the bar where the incident took place, and she allegedly had a strong smell of alcohol coming off her. Doughty also reportedly showed several physical indicators, such as an alleged inability to stand up straight, which caused the officers to believe she was drunk.

While the officers attempted to detain her, Doughty allegedly became agitated and resisted by spitting, kicking, and issuing threats, in addition to making comments that were deemed racist in nature. She reportedly told the police that she intended to find their Facebook profiles so that she could rape and kill them.

Doughty was placed under arrest and booked into the Salt Lake County Jail just after 9:00 pm for her alleged involvement in the event. She is facing charges for suspicion of DUI, disorderly conduct, failure to remain at the scene of an accident, interference with an arresting officer, and seven counts of assault against a police officer.

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