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Police Chased Vaseline Covered Nude Man Through Mall

Officers reportedly faced quite a challenge while trying to catch a slippery suspect who was allegedly naked, covered in Vaseline, and causing a scene in a Florida mall.

On Tuesday afternoon, the authorities were called to a mall in Southern Florida when a man was allegedly seen by patrons as he ran around, shiny and in the nude, yelling about his belief that Elizabeth Warren was trying to take all of his money through taxation.

Local officers dispatched to the shopping center and spotted the suspect, but when they tried to detain him they reportedly spent the next 45-minutes trying to get their hands on the man, who had allegedly covered his body with a liberal amount of Vaseline.

Each attempt they made to grab the suspect was unsuccessful due to the slickness of his skin, which caused his body to slide through their grasp, and offered him the ability to maneuver on the floor and out of their reach with petroleum-assisted ease.

The suspect reportedly ran into a clothing store and made his way up to the register, where he allegedly climbed up on the counter and proceeded to release his bowels into the cash machine.

One of the officers reportedly became so frustrated during the incident that he was quoted as saying, “I was about to give up and just quit my job.”

The man was again able to wriggle away from the officers and reportedly exited the store.

A short time later, the suspect was located sleeping in a mattress store with a plush bear in his arms.

The suspect was arrested and booked into the local jail for suspicion of disturbing the peace and public nudity.

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