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Florida Man Beat Pregnant Woman and Bit Officer 

A Florida Man is facing charges after allegedly assaulting a pregnant woman and biting one of the officers that helped to detain him. 

On January 21, around 5:30 PM, a woman who is 5 weeks pregnant notified the police about her 36-year-old boyfriend after he allegedly physically assaulted her. She reported that he violently threw her around, and then left the residence. 

The authorities looked for the suspect, but they were unable to find him until the following afternoon when they spotted the man while he was at an Express Grocery Store. 

When they approached the suspect with the intention of arresting him, it was reported that he tried to flee.  

The man only made it as far as the parking lot before he was caught, and he allegedly continued to resist. 

While they held the suspect on the ground, he told the police that he wanted to know why he was being arrested. 

According to reports, in the middle of the arrest, the man grabbed an officer and bit down on her hand. He reportedly bit her with so much force that she was unable to pull away. 

After she punched the suspect in the head many times, the man reportedly let go of the officer’s hand. 

While he was being carried to the police vehicle, the suspect allegedly spat on one of the officers. 

The man was booked into the Sarasota County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of felony aggravated battery on a pregnant woman, felony aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer, felony battery on a law enforcement officer, and felony resisting officer with violence with serious injury. 

At this time, he is being held without bond. 

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