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Woman Tried to Build and Deploy Explosive in Walmart

A Tampa woman with a young child in tow was accused of collecting items in Walmart in a purported effort to cause an explosion in the store.

On the evening of January 11, Emily Stallard and a child whose relation to her has not been made public visited Walmart in Tampa and reportedly spent over 60-minutes walking through the aisles of the store collecting items.

Stallard and the child caught the eye of a security guard working in the store, and he allegedly watched as they both grabbed and opened many items including packages of nails, ethanol, and matches.

The security guard called the Sheriff’s Office and then saw an off-duty Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation walking around the establishment and asked for assistance in detaining the suspect.

As the pair approached Stallard she was allegedly holding a lighter and appeared as if she was about to cause a homemade bomb explosion inside the store. They were able to prevent her from lighting the wick of what was reported as a destructive device, and they held her until the deputies arrived at the establishment.

Stallard was placed under arrest and incarcerated for suspicion of felony attempted arson of a structure, felony fire bombing, felony contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and felony child abuse. She was additionally charged with one count of misdemeanor battery on an officer due to allegations that she spit on a deputy during her arrest.

When Stallard’s boyfriend and landlord were interviewed, they both made statements showing concern for the mental health of the woman. Her boyfriend said that he hopes she is able to receive help for her problems as a result of the charges.

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