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Home Health Aide Stole $8,000 from Vulnerable Client

A home health care worker in North Dakota was arrested after allegations of stealing credit cards from a vulnerable woman she was taking care of and using them for over $8,000 worth of purchases.

On June 2, the Fargo Police received notification about a possible fraud case involving a vulnerable adult and their caregiver. The alleged victim saw her credit card statement and believed a substantial amount of money was charged to her card without her consent. She reported that she suspected the woman who provides her with medical assistance was the person who made the purchases.

The 22-year-old from Fargo had access to the residence since she had been providing in-home health care to the woman.

It was reported that the authorities opened an investigation, and they learned the address where the reported purchases were allegedly being shipped. It led them to a residence in Moorhead, though it was not recorded as being the suspect’s address.

The police went to the location and spoke to the person that lives in the home. They were able to collect and confiscate several packages that they believed were shipped as a result of fraudulent use of the alleged victim’s credit card.

The police intercepted the suspect when she was reportedly on her way to a pawn shop. They reported that she was carrying one of the alleged victim’s checks.

On June 6, the woman was taken into custody and booked into the Cass County Jail. She is facing preliminary charges of unauthorized use of personal identifying information, exploitation of a vulnerable adult, illegal use of a credit card, and theft of credit cards and/or checks.

The alleged victim reported that over $8,000 was charged to her credit card.

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