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Son of RHOM Star Arrested for Assaulting Girlfriend 

The son of “Real Housewives of Miami” star Alexia Echevarria is facing charges after he allegedly physically assaulted his girlfriend. 

29-year-old Peter Rosello is Alexia Echevarria’s oldest son. He has a career in real estate development. 

It is reported that Rosello and his current girlfriend have been dating for approximately three months, and they reside together. 

Last Wednesday, Rosello’s girlfriend had evening plans with the intention of spending the night at her mother’s house afterward.  

Rosello reportedly did not want his girlfriend to stay away from home for the whole night, and it was reported that he pushed her down by pressing his hand on her neck and his knee into her crotch. When the woman was on the ground, Rosello allegedly kicked her. 

According to reports, Rosello tried to force his girlfriend into their residence, and he was initially successful in getting her into the apartment. The woman was able to break free, and she started to scream as she reportedly attempted to get away from him. 

One of the couple’s neighbors reportedly saw the woman struggling to free herself from his grip, and they intervened. The neighbor allowed Rosello’s girlfriend to hang out in their home, and then called the authorities to report the situation. 

The police arrived and noted that the alleged victim had red marks on her that appeared to have been caused by the type of altercation she reported having with her boyfriend. 

Early in the morning on January 6, Rosello was taken into custody and booked into the Miami-Dade County Jail. He is facing charges of misdemeanor domestic battery.  

Rosello was incarcerated in the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center on a $1,500 bond. If he posts bond and is released before his January 24 arraignment, Rosello is not allowed to have any contact with his live-in girlfriend. 

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