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Man Arrested as Suspect for More Than 20 Package Thefts in Irvine

On Tuesday, December 19, police arrested a man who they believe participated in 20 or more package thefts throughout several Irvine neighborhoods.

As reported by the Irvine Police Department, after home video surveillance cameras picked up footage of a man stealing delivered packages off doorsteps in Irvine, authorities released photos and a video to news outlets in an attempt to locate the responsible party. 33-year-old Anthony Brian Palusso, a Mission Viejo resident, was identified at a local hotel by someone who had seen the video during a broadcast.

It was discovered that Palusso was in possession of an outstanding warrant, and Garden Grove police picked him up at the hotel and took him into custody.

Police, who have dubbed this type of criminal “porch pirate,” suspect Palusso is the culprit of at least 20 package thefts over the span of the last few months in the neighborhoods of Orchard Hills, Stonegate and Portola Springs. Porch pirates are defined as “a class of thieves who prey on homeowners, particularly during the busy holiday season when gifts in nondescript packages are left unattended just outside homes.”

Palusso is being held in lieu of $35,000 bail, and according to court records he has previously been convicted and served time for theft.

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