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Student Recants Previous Refusal to Report Alleged Sex with Teacher

A Beaumont, California teacher is facing charges for allegations that she had sexual relations with a student on various occasions. She was also reported to have supplied alcohol for the encounters.

Samantha Ciotta began working as an English teacher at Beaumont High School in 2015. In August this year, a student discovered a Snapchat video believed to contain footage of Ciotta scantily clad and inebriated with two shirtless minors When the Beaumont Unified School District caught wind of the rumored video they reported it to the police, which launched an official investigation.

According to documents, when authorities questioned one of the alleged victims he aggressively refused to talk to them about Ciotta, and he stated that he had moved on.

Following a purported sexual encounter between Ciotta and a 19-year-old who was said to be friends with the interviewed victim the boy decided that he wanted to come forward, alleging she had engaged in sex involving penetration with him five or more times, and that she had performed oral sex on him numerous times. The teen was unable to recall a specific number, claiming that he was altered from alcohol that he obtained from her during their time together. He said he had refrained from disclosing the information when he was first questioned in order to protect Ciotta from getting in trouble, but he then said he “decided to no longer lie for her.”

32-year-old Ciotta was arrested and charged with one count of oral copulation with a minor and two counts of sexual intercourse with a minor. She was released on bail and she is scheduled to appear in court on December 27.

The school district has placed Ciotta on paid leave.

Ciotta is a wife and mother of two, and though her husband has filed for divorce and sole custody of their children based on the advice of Child Protective Services, he and his family remain supportive of her. He stated that he believes she is a great mother, and also expressed his belief that people should not draw conclusions because “there are always multiple sides to a story.”

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