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Officer tried to Tempt Teen into Meeting at Nude Beach 

A Florida police officer has been accused of sending inappropriate sexual text messages to a teenage boy to try to get him to take part in illicit acts. 

30-year-old Juan Antonio Garcia has been an officer with the Sewall’s Point Police Department for approximately five years. He also operates a taco truck. 

A now 15-year-old boy who has reportedly known Garcia since he was 10 works on the food truck. 

It was reported that Garcia and the teen were familiar enough with each other that they sent texts back and forth. The initial messages were reportedly harmless banter. 

Over time, the content of the text messages allegedly became racier, and Garcia reportedly invited the teenager to accompany him to a nude beach. 

Garcia allegedly provided the boy with a condom and texted him to request that he wear it while masturbating. The officer reportedly said he wanted the teenager to take a picture of it when he finished, and then share the photo with him. 

The man additionally allegedly questioned the boy about whether he would like to try performing oral sex on him. 

On November 22, the authorities were informed about the situation, and they opened an investigation. 

The following day, Garcia reportedly sent a message to the boy and asked him to join him at a nearby park to try to engage in oral sex. 

The police were aware of the alleged meeting, and they intercepted Garcia at the park.  

When talking to the authorities about the situation, Garcia allegedly said it was true that he tried to get the teen to send him naked photos and videos. 

Garcia was taken into custody and charged with traveling to meet a minor and using a computer to solicit a minor. He was later released on a $750,000 bond and placed on administrative leave without pay. 

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