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Man Attempted to Steal a Way Home From Jail

Minutes after his release from jail, a man who was lacking a ride was accused of trying to steal nearly 2 dozen vehicles in a purported effort to drive himself away from the facility.

68-year-old Dennis Libonati, who resides in Homosassa, spent a little over four months incarcerated in the Land O’Lakes Detention Center.

After he was processed out and released near 10:30 PM, Libonati exited the building and reportedly headed for the parking lot and allegedly entered an area that was only for official use and restricted from the public.

It was reported that Libonati was allegedly checking to see if 24 of the vehicles in the lot were unlocked. The man reportedly got into the bed of a sheriff’s office pickup, tinkered with a Kawasaki ATV during his alleged prohibited pass through the parking area.

When it was seen that the security camera recording the lot allegedly showed a man in the act of what was purported to be an attempt to steal a vehicle they determined that the suspect resembled Libonati.

Officers made their way to the parking lot and asked the man, positively identified as Libonati, what he was doing. Libonati allegedly told them that he was in need of transportation and went to the lot to find it, and had stopped to see if he could “hot wire” the ATV, as recorded in the incident report.

Libonati was placed under arrest and he is facing charges for 27 counts of auto burglary, and one count of grand larceny, in addition to a probation violation. The newly-freed man was returned to jail for the allegations.

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