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Mayor Blamed Dehydration For DUI Accusation

When the mayor of Richland was pulled over and suspected of driving under the influence he reportedly claimed his blood-alcohol level was elevated due to dehydration.

63-year-old Bob Thompson is the mayor of Richland, Washington, and he has been a member of the Richland City Council for 25-years. He has also been employed as a criminal defense attorney for over 36-years.

On Saturday, just before midnight, Thompson was reportedly spotted driving his BMW down a portion of Parkway with a curve in the road. He allegedly navigated out of his lane for a moment before righting his vehicle while going 12 miles over the posted speed limit.

The trooper who said he spotted the driving faux pas pulled Thompson over. When he made contact with the man, whose girlfriend was in the passenger’s seat, the trooper reported that Thompson’s eyes looked red and watery.

When Thompson was asked if he had anything to drink he allegedly said he had consumed three alcoholic beverages over the course of the evening while he was visiting a lawyer he knows.

He was reportedly told that he was speeding, and since the trooper believed he appeared altered Thompson was asked to step out of his vehicle.

Thompson was reported as stating that he would not comply with the request to leave his vehicle unless he was being placed under arrest.

Thompson did decide to get out while continuing to ask the trooper if he was planning to take him to the station. He was asked to take part in roadside sobriety and breath-testing, but Thompson reportedly initially declined to perform any tests at the scene.

As it was decided that he would be apprehended for the possibility that he was driving under the influence, and the deputy said Thompson struggled when he tried to affix the handcuffs before becoming cooperative.

Thompson reportedly changed his mind and went ahead with the breathalyzer testing which displayed a reading of .11.

The trooper believed Thompson was intoxicated, but the suspect reportedly attributed the test results to a medical procedure he had and said that it left him dehydrated.

After stopping by the hospital for an independent blood test at Thompson’s request, the trooper brought him to the county jail where he was booked for suspicion of DUI.

Thompson, who has retained an attorney to represent him on the matter, entered a not guilty plea to the charge and he was released on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to go to court in August to further address the situation.

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