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Man Charged for Brazen Attempt to Sell Fake Vax Cards for Cash 

A man who allegedly openly posted online about selling counterfeit vaccination cards with the intention of becoming wealthy is facing charges after the authorities found out about the scheme. 

23-year-old Amar Salim Shabazz lives in Owings Mills, Maryland. He was released from incarceration in the Spring after serving a sentence for possessing child pornography.  

According to the authorities, Shabazz started to offer fake vaccination cards using his social media accounts to advertise. He also allegedly openly shared that he planned to become rich from the sales. 

When the authorities learned about the alleged activities, they opened an investigation. 

It was reported that Shabazz amassed more than 600 fake vaccination cards by ordering them from sellers in other countries. 

After he allegedly had the cards, Shabazz reportedly posted on Instagram about the way that bars and other public venues have started to require proof of vaccination for entry to their establishments. The man also allegedly said he had fake cards for sale, for which it is believed he was charging between $60 and $75 each. 

The authorities reported that they intercepted a package allegedly addressed to Shabazz, and it held many fake vaccination cards. They said they took the cards and left face masks in their place before sending the box to its alleged intended destination. 

When Shabazz reportedly opened the package, he allegedly shared a video on Instagram expressing his shock about the unexpected contents. 

At the beginning of October, Shabazz’s home was searched. The authorities reported that they found fake cards and shipping receipts. They also said handwritten notes that they believed further tied Shabazz to the situation were discovered. 

Shabazz is being federally charged with mail fraud and obstruction of justice for the allegations.  

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