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Officer on Patrol Discovered Shoeless Beer-Toting Tots

Four women are suspected of endangering two toddlers in early October when the authorities found the children crossing the road unattended while holding a bottle of beer.

An on-duty officer who was patrolling in his vehicle in Steelton, Pennsylvania on October 7 reportedly came across two 2-year-old children as they were crossing the street.

The officer reported that he noticed that the children were not wearing shoes, and upon further inspection, he said that one of the toddlers was carrying a bottle of beer that had been opened, but still looked like it had all of its contents.

An investigation regarding the incident was opened by the authorities to try to learn the circumstances of the situation and it led them to four women who they are holding accountable for the alleged event.

After an initial review of the details, 29-year-old Ashlee Harcum, 52-year-old Theresa Rockinberg, 27-year-old Rebecca Rockinberg, and Akeiba Johnson, 24, were determined to be the most likely suspects responsible for the occurrence.

All four women were each charged with one misdemeanor count of endangering the welfare of a child.

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