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Man’s Claim of Wearing Another’s Drug-Holding Pants Fell Short 

A man with a criminal history was allegedly found with drugs in the pants he was wearing, and he claimed that they belonged to a man who is significantly shorter than himself. 

37-year-old Brandon Cihak resides in Minnesota, and he is an ex-convict on probation. 

Late in the morning on January 5, Cihak was reportedly driving a Ford F-150 in Mankato with a person sitting in the passenger’s seat. 

An officer performed a traffic stop on the truck, in which Cihak, who does not have a valid driver’s license, was operating. It was reported that the man in the passenger’s seat was identified as someone with an active warrant in the county.  

The officer reported that the inside of the vehicle had an indistinguishable odor of marijuana. 

According to the statement of probable cause, the officer began giving Cihak a pat-down inspection and reported that he located an object he assumed was a plastic bag in the man’s pocket. 

When he was asked what was inside the baggie, Cihak reportedly told the officer that believed it was marijuana. 

The plastic baggie in question was reportedly removed from the suspect’s pants pocket. The officer reported that it contained white powder and asserted that it had the appearance of methamphetamine. 

It was reported that Cihak turned to his passenger and asked him why he planted the bag on him. The man denied doing so, and Cihak reportedly told the officer that the pants he was wearing belonged to the passenger. 

The officer noted that Cihak was 5’11, whereas his passenger was 4’1, and he did not find Cihak’s claim credible. 

Cihak was placed under arrest and booked into the Blue Earth County Jail. He is expected to face charges of felony possession of narcotics.  

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