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Mom Quarantined COVID Positive Teen in Trunk of Car 

A Texas teacher has been accused of putting her son in danger after reportedly quarantining him in the trunk while on the way to get him tested for COVID. 

41-year-old Sara Beam lives in Texas, and she has a 13-year-old son.  

Beam has been employed with the Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District for approximately 11 years. She was recently working as a teacher at Cypress Falls High School. 

Last Monday, Beam decided to take her son to a drive-up COVID testing site in Harris County to confirm his initial positive result from a different test. 

In an alleged attempt to protect herself from infection with the virus, Beam reportedly had her son climb into the truck before she drove them to the testing location at Ken Pridgeon Stadium. 

It was reported that the director of health services was going from car to car to collect the information needed before the test was administered. 

The director reportedly discovered that Beam’s teenage son was in the trunk of the vehicle. It was additionally reported that Beam told him that the reason he was riding there was to keep him from spreading the virus in the car since he was presumed to have COVID-19. 

Beam opened the trunk, and her son was reportedly lying inside. 

After he let Beam know that the test would not be performed until her son was seated in the car, the director alerted the authorities about the situation. 

Her son got into the back seat of the vehicle, and the police found him there when they arrived at the site. 

Beam was arrested, and she is facing charges of child endangerment. She was held on a $1,500 bond and released shortly after she was booked. 

It was reported that Beam’s son did not suffer any harm from the alleged unique travel experience. 

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