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Wife Seeking Comfort Battered With Taco Bell Burrito

When a man’s wife became upset and asked him to help her to feel better he allegedly responded to her request by offering her lunch in a manner that resulted in his arrest.

Victor Fosser and his wife, both 49-years-old, were at their residence on Sunday when the woman became emotional about an issue regarding her son moving out of the home.

His wife asked Fosser to lend her emotional support, and he reportedly responded by leaving the house.

Fosser came back to the house bearing a bag of Taco Bell burritos shortly after he departed, and his wife reported that he tried to give her a burrito while mocking her emotional state. She felt that he was intentionally holding the burrito very close to her face during the interaction.

The alleged victim was reportedly not cheered up by the way her husband presented the meal to her and she threw the burrito on the floor in protest.

Fosser allegedly grabbed the remaining burritos out of the bag and reportedly proceeded to press them into her face leaving pieces of the food inside of her nasal cavity.

When the authorities arrived, they reported that they interpreted Fosser’s method of allegedly force-feeding his spouse the burritos as domestic violence, and he was taken into custody and charged with misdemeanor battery.

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