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Medical Center Chief of Staff Terrified Wife with Threatening Texts 

The Chief of Staff of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center was arrested after he allegedly sent his wife text messages while intoxicated and threatened to harm her and her family. 

According to reports, on December 11, the man who is Vanderbilt’s Regional Director of Emergency Medicine and the Chief of Staff for one of their hospitals attended the company Christmas party with his wife. 

It was reported that the man was intoxicated from drinking at the party. 

He wanted to leave the party, and while his wife was driving them home, he asked her to go downtown with him. The woman said she would rather not because she believed he was too drunk. 

The man reportedly became angry and told his wife to pull over so he could get out of the car. 

After she drove away, the man allegedly threatened his wife through text messages. 

He tried to get his wife to return to pick him up, but she refused, and he allegedly became angrier and more aggressive with his texts. 

It was reported that he told her she should be concerned for the safety of herself and her family members. 

Her husband allegedly sent her eleven text messages, and she did not reply. Some of the things the man allegedly said to her were, “You have chosen war. I hope you are prepared. I wouldn’t sleep. I’m coming home. Did you count the guns? Did you remember the one in the car?” 

The man reportedly sent someone to the residence and asked them to pick up his 8-year-old so she would be by herself when he arrived. 

Last Tuesday, the man was taken into custody and booked into the Metro Nashville Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of assault and harassment. He was released from custody the following day after posting a $2,000 bond. 

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