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Mom Tried to Cut off Teen’s Hand for Stealing Her Money

The mother of an 18-year-old has been charged for allegedly trying to attack her daughter with a machete during an argument regarding missing money.

49-year-old Corina D’Andrea from Jefferson County, Alabama, recently reportedly had a dispute with her teenage daughter about money that she accused the girl of stealing.

The argument reportedly escalated to the point that D’Andrea allegedly advanced upon her daughter with a machete in her hand and began to swing it in the teen’s direction. The girl was cut rather badly during the alleged assault.

When the authorities arrived at the location they reported that they found the young woman with her hand nearly removed from her wrist, and she had various cuts on her head and hands. The girl gave them a statement naming D’Andrea as the assailant, and she was taken to the trauma center at the University of Alabama at Birmingham Hospital for immediate medical intervention. She was reported as being classified as in critical condition but stable, and the doctors expect she will survive and recover.

D’Andrea was taken into custody and she is facing charges for first-degree domestic violence, and attempted murder for the allegations that she caused her daughter’s injuries with the broad-bladed instrument. She is being held in lieu of $30,000 bail.

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