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Movie Theater Manager Popped for Selling Drugs in Concessions

A confidential informant working with the police department allegedly caught a woman employed at a local movie theater selling drugs by concealing them inside of a popcorn bag.

39-year-old Jamie Lynn Hiniker lives in Mankato. She is employed as the manager at Spotlight Theatres in the Mankato Place Mall.

Last summer, the Minnesota River Valley Drug Task Force was investigating claims that drug sales had been taking place at the Spotlight Theater. The authorities believed that Hiniker was involved in the alleged illegal activities.

After constructing a plan to try to expose Hiniker’s purported drug sales, an agent spoke with a confidential informant and asked them to pose as a cocaine customer.

According to the affidavit, the informant called a woman believed to be Hiniker and asked if they could buy $100 worth of cocaine from her.

The woman reportedly told the informant to meet her at the movie theater for the transaction.

After being set up with microphone equipment, $100 for the purchase, and with agents at the scene, the informant went inside the theater and made contact with Hiniker.

The informant reported that Hiniker put the cocaine inside of a popcorn bag before covering it with popcorn. She allegedly put the bag on the counter in exchange for the money.

The authorities took the popcorn bag from the informant, and when they searched inside, they reportedly found what was believed to be cocaine at the bottom.

The weight of the substance was reported to be .406 grams.

Hiniker is facing a felony charge for third-degree sales of narcotics. She could spend up to 20-years in prison and/or pay a $250,000 fine if she is found guilty and given the maximum penalty.

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