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Suspect Tried to Bring Narcotics into Jail in Prosthetic Leg

The authorities allegedly found drugs in a man’s prosthetic leg as he was being processed into the jail for narcotics possession.

33-year-old Keith Adams resides in Largo, Florida.

Around 5:00 am on April 24, Adams was reportedly the passenger in a vehicle traveling around the local area.

Deputies with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office pulled the vehicle over.

When they were interacting with Adams, the authorities reportedly discovered he was hiding a glass pipe purported for drug use underneath him.

The remnants of a substance that was allegedly taken from inside the paraphernalia was field-tested, and it showed positive results for cocaine.

The deputies told Adams he was being taken into custody, and the man allegedly tried to put up a fight.

When he was put in handcuffs and patted down, the police noticed Adams had a prosthetic leg. The man was reportedly told that if he was hiding anything illegal inside of the limb, he would face additional charges.

Adams reportedly said he did not have anything stashed inside the leg, and he was taken to the county jail for processing. He was charged for suspicion of cocaine possession and resisting arrest without injury.

His prosthetic leg was inspected at the facility, and the authorities allegedly found pills and white powder hidden in the manufactured limb.

Using an online pill identification website, the authorities allegedly entered the code imprinted on the pills, and the search revealed that they were 2mg Alprazolam tablets.

When the white powder was reportedly tested, the results allegedly showed that it was 1 gram of fentanyl.

Two additional drug charges were added to the allegations against Adams, and he was incarcerated on a $7,650 bond.

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