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NJ School Custodian Tainted Food with Body Fluids and Feces

A custodian at a southern New Jersey elementary school is facing felony charges after allegedly uploading images to an online texting app showing him tainting the cafeteria food and kitchen items with bleach, feces, and bodily fluids.

On October 30, someone was in a group thread on the online texting app called Telegram, and they reportedly began posting pictures. The images reportedly showed someone masturbating with items from a school kitchen. The man also allegedly urinated in objects used to cook and serve the students. He used bread to wipe his privates and he placed it back into the bag, in addition to spraying vegetables with bleach. The vegetables were served to the students.

One of the people who saw the images notified the authorities and told them they saved them so they could show them to the police. On the same day, the school received several calls from people who reported the online content.

The person suspected of the acts was identified as a 24-year-old who worked as a custodian for the Upper Deerfield Township School District at Elizabeth F. Moore Elementary School in Bridgeton for a little over 4 years.

The following day, officers from the New Jersey State Police took the man into custody, and he was booked into the Cumberland County Jail. He is facing preliminary charges of second-degree official misconduct and third-degree counts of aggravated assault, tampering with food products, endangering the welfare of a child, and attempted endangering the welfare of children.

Several parents of children enrolled at the school expressed concern because they have very few details about what transpired, and whether their children were exposed to the allegedly tainted items.

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