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Oregon Lawyer Arrested for Sex Solicitation 

An attorney in Southern Oregon is facing charges for allegedly paying a woman for sexual favors. 

32-year-old Devin Norwood Driver has been a lawyer since 2016. According to their website, he is currently an attorney at the firm Davis, Freudenberg, Day & Driver in Grants Pass, Oregon. 

Rogue Area Drug Enforcement detectives have recently been investigating drug crimes that they believe are taking place at a Motel 6 in the area. 

On November 15, during their investigation of the alleged narcotics activity, the authorities reported that they stumbled upon prostitution taking place at the same establishment. 

It was reported that there was surveillance video of the outside of the room in which the alleged prostitution had taken place. 

When the police checked for the name of the registered guest of the room, they reported that Driver was listed. They additionally believed that Driver looked like the person in the video. 

The police reported that they initiated contact with the woman they believe Driver had the encounter with. They said that she was fully cooperative in helping them collect evidence to show that she and Driver had an arrangement where he would give her money if she had sexual intercourse with him. 

It was asserted that Driver provided the woman with $500 for the sexual encounter at Motel 6. The authorities said that the engagement took place on either November 13 or 14. They said the woman showed them text messages that they believed were further proof of Driver’s involvement.  

Driver was taken into custody on November 17 on suspicion of misdemeanor prostitution and misdemeanor commercial sexual solicitation. He was incarcerated in the Josephine County Jail. 

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