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Woman with Almost 4 Times the Legal BAC Arrested for 4th DUI  

A Nevada woman with three prior DUI arrests was allegedly found with nearly four times the legal BAC resulting in a fourth DUI charge. 

36-year-old Appollonia Kidd lives in Las Vegas. She has three prior charges for driving under the influence. Two misdemeanor charges were incurred in 2014, and a felony charge in 2015. 

Late in the afternoon on November 5, Kidd was reportedly driving in the Paradise area of North Las Vegas.  

The woman reportedly got into an accident, and instead of remaining at the scene she allegedly tried to drive away. 

The Las Vegas Metro Police learned about the incident, and officers went to the crash site. 

It was reported that the authorities were able to quickly detain the driver of the vehicle that they believed was responsible for the accident. 

Officers identified Kidd as the operator of the vehicle, and they reported that she smelled strongly of alcohol. It was also asserted that she showed physical indications of having consumed alcohol. 

When the woman was asked if she had been drinking, Kidd allegedly told the police that she had not had any alcoholic beverages since the previous day. 

Kidd’s vehicle was searched, and it was reported that an open bottle of wine was found. 

The police gave Kidd roadside sobriety tests, including a blood draw to determine her blood-alcohol level.  

The test results reportedly showed that Kidd had a BAC of .308. 

Kidd was taken into custody and charged with a fourth DUI. She is additionally facing charges for driving with an open container of alcohol and operating a vehicle with expired registration.  

Though the authorities believed she committed a hit-and-run from the scene of the collision, Kidd is not currently facing charges for it. 

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