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DUI Suspect Tried to Escape Jail with Bra Wire 

When a woman was jailed for allegedly driving under the influence, she reportedly took the underwire out of her bra and tried to use it to escape. 

In the evening on Halloween, Susan Mae Sheppard, a 59-year-old living in Central Florida, was reportedly in an automobile accident while driving an SUV. 

It was reported that the collision took place at Walgreens in The Villages. 

When the authorities arrived, they suspected that the crash occurred because Sheppard was driving under the influence. 

Sheppard started performing roadside sobriety tests, and she stopped when she was reportedly unable to complete the tasks properly.  

The woman said she would consent to a breathalyzer test, and it was reported that it registered .000%. 

Despite the breath test results, Sheppard was taken into custody and booked into the Sumter County Detention Center for suspicion of DUI.  

While Sheppard was detained in a holding cell in the booking area, the woman reportedly took the underwire out of her bra. 

According to the police report, she used the metal to scratch the glass at the bottom of the cell, and it left visible marks.  

When she was unable to open the door in that fashion, Sheppard reportedly put her feet through an opening. 

The authorities asserted that she was trying to escape from custody.  

The police were called to the site, and when they arrived, they reportedly found scratches in the glass in the spot that was reported.  

When looking at the surveillance video, Sheppard is not shown causing the damage. The police believe that the camera was pointed in a direction that was unable to capture her alleged act. 

The footage reportedly showed Sheppard sticking her legs in the open spot in the cell. 

A felony charge of attempted escape and a misdemeanor charge of criminal mischief with damage to property was added to her initial DUI charge.  

Sheppard was released from incarceration on an $11,500 bond.  

When asked, the woman reportedly said the incident occurred because she reacted to the fact that she felt very frightened in jail. 

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