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Photographer Dampened Wedding With Sex and Public Urination

A woman who was hired to take photographs at a wedding in Texas was arrested after she was accused of causing trouble by becoming inebriated, having sex with one of the guests, and urinating on a tree.

On November 24, a couple were married and celebrating their nuptials at the Parker Manor.

26-year-old Katie Mehta, a wedding photographer, was hired to take pictures of their special day, but she allegedly provided more than what was required of her job description.

Security at the affair was provided by an off-duty sheriff, and some of the people in attendance flagged him down to alert him that they had seen Mehta having sexual intercourse with a man that was a guest at the party.

When Mehta was located and told that she was not displaying appropriate behavior and she would have to leave the premises, she allegedly became angry. After exiting and making her way outside of the venue Mehta reportedly began yelling before she walked over to a tree on the grounds and allegedly urinated upon it.

The police approached Mehta and said that they could smell alcohol as they got nearer to her, and when they searched her belongings a bottle of Xanax for which she had a prescription was inside of her handbag. It was purported that she had mixed her medication with alcohol causing an intensified reaction.

Mehta was taken into custody and it was reported that she issued threats to the officers and their families during the transport. She was booked into the Parker County Jail for suspicion of public intoxication, and felony obstruction or retaliation. She was held until she paid $10,738 bail the following morning.

Her family had a very different perspective about the allegations, and her sister stated that they believe Mehta was given drinks that were spiked while she was at the wedding. She also said that Mehta felt strange and went outside during the event, where she had an uncomfortable altercation with two gentlemen resulting in her feeling as if she needed help.

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