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Sticky-Fingered Walmart Shopper Arrested for Laptop Turn On 

A man in a Louisiana Walmart was accused of using a laptop in their store to view porn and publicly pleasure himself. 

Early in the evening on November 19, a patron of a West Monroe Walmart went to the electronics section and began to peruse the laptops. 

The shopper reportedly stationed himself in front of one of the machines and began to utilize its functions. 

According to the affidavit, someone from the store called the authorities to report that they believed the man was watching pornographic material on the laptop and masturbating in the establishment. 

The police arrived at the store, and one of the employees told them that the suspect was leaving the premises. They pointed in the direction of the exit they believed the man used to get out of the store, and the authorities caught up with him. 

When they interacted with the suspect, he was identified as 28-year-old Alexander Pearce, whose residence is reported as being in Sharpsburg, Georgia.  

The police report reflects that Pearce was read his rights before he decided to talk to the authorities without an attorney present. 

An officer spoke to Pearce and asked him his purpose for being at the store that day. He reportedly told them that he was using one of the laptops to enjoy music videos. 

After he claimed he was watching videos, Pearce allegedly changed his story and said he was looking at “pictures” on the laptop. He denied masturbating in the store, but reportedly informed the authorities that it was possible he still had semen on his hands from an earlier self-pleasure session.  

Pearce was placed under arrest and incarcerated on a $5,200 bond. 

He is expected to face charges for one count of felony obscenity and one count of misdemeanor trespass. 

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