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Woman Facing Drug Charges Sold Drugs to Pay for Lawyer  

A woman was arrested after she was reportedly caught trying to sell narcotics to cover the cost of an attorney for pending drug charges. 

28-year-old Nicole Gregory has recently been arrested more than once for drug-related offenses.  

In August, Gregory was accused of possessing methamphetamine and fentanyl. 

Two months later, the authorities alleged that Gregory tried to sell meth to an undercover police officer. 

Late in the morning on November 20, an officer with the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office was patrolling in St. Petersburg.  

The officer reported that they saw a woman at a RaceTrac gas station and food mart.  

It was purported that when the woman noticed the patrol car, she tossed something on the ground while trying to hastily leave the area. 

When the ground was searched in the area that the woman allegedly dropped the item, the police asserted that it was two bags containing four separate packages. They believed the contents of both bags were illicit substances. 

The authorities reported that they performed a presumptive test on the contents. The four packages allegedly revealed positive results for fentanyl, and the second bag was reported to be methamphetamine. 

The officer detained the woman and identified her as Gregory.  

She was read her rights, and Gregory reportedly elected to discuss the situation with the police. 

It was reported that when she gave them a reason for her alleged activities, she told them that she was selling the narcotics in $10 increments. Gregory reportedly explained that she may be facing drug charges, and she was trying to produce the money to retain an attorney. 

When she was searched, the police reported that they found Gregory had morphine, Oxycodone, and additional methamphetamine on her. 

Gregory was taken into custody and booked on an $18,000 bond. She is facing five felony charges, in addition to the initial allegations.  

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