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Suspect Stole $40,000 Worth of Merchandise from Target 

Over the course of 120 visits to the store, a woman allegedly stole $40,000 worth of items from a San Francisco Target. 

Between October 2020 and November 2021, the San Francisco Target store located in the Stonestown Galleria reportedly had approximately $40,000 worth of products taken from their store.  

The authorities opened an investigation, and they said they believed someone was utilizing the self-checkout stations to help them commit thievery. 

It was reported that a woman came into the Target store 120 times during the period that the suspected thefts took place, and she used the self-checkout to pay for her purchases.  

When they traced the transactions, the police asserted that the woman, identified as Aziza Graves, was ringing up items, putting $1 or less in for payment, and leaving the store without paying for the rest.  

The authorities believed that Graves was selling the items for a profit. It was reported that almost every time she went to the Target store, she stole laundry detergent, and the detectives believed it was because the product is easy to obtain and sell.  

It was also announced by the authorities that they believe Graves was a part of a fencing operation by selling the massive quantity of goods to those who intend to resell them.  

The police, along with the DA’s office and Target, arranged a stakeout to catch the perpetrator of the alleged thefts. 

On November 16, Graves was taken into custody by the San Francisco Police. She was in Target when she was apprehended.  

Graves is facing charges of 120 counts of misdemeanor petty theft, in addition to 8 counts of felony grand theft for the accusations. 

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