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Suspects Planted Bike to Lure and Attack Thieves

A Visalia couple is facing charges for allegedly parking a bicycle in front of their residents in an attempt to catch thieves and then assaulting them with a baseball bat while recording the attacks.

25-year-old Corey Curnutt and his wife, 29-year-old Savannah Grillot, a Lemoore sailor, moved into a new home in Visalia, California at the end of spring last year.

After the couple settled into their new place they were involved in two instances involving people breaking into their vehicle.

The pair allegedly decided to retaliate by taking the law into their own hands and baiting possible thieves by placing a bicycle in the front yard. Curnutt and Grillot reportedly stood by waiting to catch those attempting to take the bike, and allegedly responded by bashing them with baseball bats until they were injured badly enough to leave blood on the ground.

The alleged ambushes were reportedly recorded by a surveillance camera that was facing the spot in which they occurred, and then uploaded to YouTube for public viewing.

The neighbors across the street said that they could see the alleged incidents as they were taking place, and had tried to ask Curnutt and Grillot to cease the activity. When it reportedly continued the neighbors notified the Visalia Police Department to tell them about the situation.

The alleged assaults were investigated and the authorities located four possible victims from the reported events. It has been purported that the situation went on from July through November 2019, and the police are trying to learn if there are more alleged victims.

Curnutt and Grillot were taken into custody and booked on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, and conspiracy.

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