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On Black Friday, police apprehended a man from Virginia after he was allegedly found inside his vehicle in a North Carolina Kohl’s parking lot without any clothing, and smoking marijuana.

When a Knightdale police officer was patrolling in the Knightdale Kohl’s parking lot, he reportedly caught a whiff of what he believed was marijuana.

The officer sought out the source of the smell, and after searching the parked vehicles he reportedly came across a man seated inside a car that had the window rolled down. When the officer got closer he noticed that the man sitting in the driver’s seat was not wearing any clothes.

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DCUSA.Gallery10.TargetBlackFriday.WikipediaIn a holiday event that is sure to bring out the worst in people, three women were arrested at a Tustin Kohls after a shouting match between them and two other women escalated into a physical assault that caused one woman to be hospitalized from her injuries.

The fight broke out in the baby section of the Kohls on Irvine Blvd. in Tustin. The victims were hit and scratched on their faces. Two of the three suspects fled the store before police arrived. One of the women was arrested for assault charges and was held in custody over the weekend pending a Monday arraignment with a bail amount of $25,000. A second woman involved in the incident was arrested, but later released pending further investigation. She may face charges later. The third suspect was a teenager who was released to her parents and may face juvenile charges.

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