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Teenage Girl Accuses Foster Youth Case Manager of Rape

A former case manager that worked with foster youths who had been neglected or abused was accused of raping a 16-year-old girl in June.

Morris Leroi Brinker was working as a case manager with the Children’s Law Center of California who regularly represent abused, neglected or abandoned children in Los Angeles and Sacramento counties. He was in charge of the victim’s case at the time during which the alleged crime took place.

Part of Brinker’s job description involved driving children various places in his personal vehicle. Authorities reported that the teenage girl claimed on June 29, Brinker had sex with her in a parking lot in his car.

On July 3, Brea Police Department detectives apprehended 31-year-old Brinker at his Corona residence. He paid the set bond and was released from detainment.

A short time after his discharge from jail prosecuting attorneys stated that Brinker allegedly contacted the victim, and he tried to bribe her in an attempt to persuade her to withdraw her claims.  He was taken into custody a second time on July 17.

Upon learning of the allegations against Brinker after his initial arrest on July 3, he was put on administrative leave from his position with the Children’s Law Center. He was fired two weeks later on July 21, as reported by their executive director, Leslie Heimov.

Brinker faces felony charges for unlawful sexual intercourse, dissuading a witness from reporting a crime and bribery of a witness. He is being held on $1 million bail awaiting pre-trial on November 3. If convicted on all charges Brinker faces a maximum sentence of 14 years and eight months in prison.

Due to Brinker’s proximity to many other children through his prior employment with the Children’s Law Center detectives are seeking other possible victims.

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