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Video Shows Suspect of Botched Armed Robbery Tossing Gun

On Wednesday, a Wisconsin Walgreens had been the target of a failed attempted armed robbery and the alleged suspect was seen throwing his gun onto the roof of a store while the police were chasing him.

In Milwaukee on the morning of August 22, a person with their face obscured by a skull cap who was toting a 9mm handgun reportedly attempted to rob a Walgreens pharmacy after noticing that the cash register was left unattended. The suspect was spotted by one of the people working in the store who reported that they saw him near the register and then watched him run out of the building.

A passerby saw the suspect exit the store and trailed him while using a cell phone to capture him on video. When the person that was recording saw a police car driving past he got their attention and showed them the video to try to assist them in locating the suspect who had allegedly attempted the robbery.

When officers from the Milwaukee Police Department began searching the area they came upon someone that appeared to have clothing on that they believed was what the suspect in the video had been recorded wearing.

When they asked him to stop, the man, identified as 32-year-old Lamont Walker, reportedly did not obey the officers’ commands and as he allegedly tried to get away from them he threw the gun he was reported as holding onto the roof of a store. The video camera outside of the building recorded it as the gun was thrown into the air and in the direction of the rooftop.

Walker allegedly ran behind the shop into the alley where the police arrested him. He was jailed and he is facing felony charges for the allegations.

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