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WSU Wide Receiver Accused of Baby DUI

On Friday morning the freshman wide receiver for the Washington State University Cougars football team was arrested on suspicion of a baby DUI charge.

19-year-old Rodrick Fisher was seen by an officer while he was allegedly driving the wrong direction on a one-way street just before 12:30 am on August 24.

The officer pulled Fisher over and performed breathalyzer tests to determine his blood alcohol content. The first reportedly yielded a result of .076 percent, and the second displayed .078 percent.

Because Fisher is only 19 years old and the legal drinking age is 21 he was arrested on what is known as a baby DUI. Though the level of alcohol measured in his blood was under the legal adult limit of .08 percent he is underage and allegedly had alcohol in his system measuring above .02 percent which is the designated limit for minors.

Fisher was taken to the Pullman Police Department and he was issued a citation for the charge before he was released from custody.

The Cougars follow a policy where they do not discuss criminal matters regarding their players, but while violence against women, illegal drug use, and stealing are reported offenses that would lead to the immediate removal of a player from the team receiving a DUI is not on that list. The head coach of the team said that they would be handling the matter internally.

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