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Waitress Saved Child from Horrific Ongoing Abuse

After a restaurant worker used a creative way to confirm that a child needed help, the authorities were notified leading to the arrests of the boy’s alleged abusers.

Florida resident Kristen Swann has an 11-year-old son.

On January 1, Swann’s child was with a man later identified as 34-year-old Timothy Wilson II.

Wilson took the youngster to the Mrs. Potato Restaurant in Orlando, and when the two sat down to order the man reportedly did not let the boy ask the waitress for anything to eat.

The server noticed what appeared to be bruises on the boy’s face, and she reported that she became concerned for his safety.

In an effort to discern if her worries were valid, the waitress penned a sign reading, “Do you need help? OK.”

When she returned to the table, the server positioned herself behind the man sitting with the youngster and displayed the sign so the boy could read it.

While he did not immediately give her a response, the boy eventually signaled that he did need help.

The authorities were notified about the situation, and detectives reported that they learned the child had been subjected to many forms of abuse.

The boy reportedly told the detectives that he had been disallowed food when he was being punished, in addition to being hung upside down with straps around his ankles and neck. He was also reportedly beaten regularly.

Wilson was taken into custody, and he was charged with suspicion of third-degree child abuse.

After further investigation, Wilson was arrested again on January 2, for additional charges of aggravated child abuse and child neglect.

The authorities asserted that the boy’s mother was complicit in the alleged abuse because they believe she knew it was taking place but did nothing to stop it.

Swann was placed under arrest on January 6 for her alleged involvement, and she is expected to face charges for suspicion of child neglect.

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