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Woman Stabs K9 Officer Near Eyes During Arrest

When police arrived at a woman’s residence to take her into custody on a warrant for drug charges she allegedly tried to hide from them, and when a K9 officer sniffed her out she reportedly stabbed him under both eyes with a makeup tool.

Officers from the Baytown Police Department went to the trailer where 23-year-old Abigail Martinez resides on the afternoon of July 30 because she had a felony warrant for charges of drug possession.

People were standing outside of the trailer and the officers asked them if they knew where Martinez was. They reported that they believed she was inside the trailer, and when the officers heard noises coming from inside they tried to find out if Martinez was present. They tried to call her outside but they reportedly did not hear any response after several tries so they entered through the unlocked door.

Upon going into the trailer the officers saw Martinez’s uncle, Felipe Martinez, on the sofa inside and they held him while they tried to find his niece. While he was with the officers they asked Felipe if he would try to help them get his niece out of the trailer but he was reportedly not able to get her to respond either.

One of the officers had his K9 at the scene and he verbally issued a warning to Abigail that he was going to release the officer if she did not come out on her own volition. When she still did not comply with the requests the K9 officer was employed and he found Abigail inside of a bedroom where she was allegedly covered in pillows and blankets in what was seen as an attempt to hide from the police.

The officers took Abigail into custody for the drug warrant, and as they were arresting her the K9 unit’s handler discovered that the officer was injured and had obtained punctures under each of his eyes.

Abigail is suspected of using the sharp end of an eyebrow trimming tool against the K9 when he found her hiding in the trailer, and she was charged with felony interference with a police dog. She is being held at the Harris County Jail without bail and she has a scheduled court date on August 30.

Felipe Martinez was also arrested when it was discovered that he had outstanding warrants, and he was booked into the Harris County Jail without bail.

The K9 officer was treated for the injuries he sustained and the police department reported that he was able to return back to work later that day.

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