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Woman Started House Fire Over Missing Towel

A Florida landlady was arrested after she reportedly got into an argument with her tenant regarding a towel, and allegedly set fire to the structure in which the renter and her dogs inhabit.

57-year-old Robin Hamilton has woodshed at her home in Hawthorne that she reportedly rents out to a woman who has two dogs.

Throughout the day on Saturday Hamilton allegedly had a few drinks. When interacting with her tenant, the two reportedly got into a spat over a towel that Hamilton said held sentimental value for her.

The argument was reportedly fueled by Hamilton’s belief that her renter was responsible for the towel, which she said she was unable to locate, going missing.

While they were fighting, the tenant claimed that Hamilton made threats against her and allegedly said she was going to “burn her out.”

Approximately 20-minutes after the alleged confrontation, Hamilton’s tenant reportedly detected the scent of smoke. She and one of her dogs immediately vacated the woodshed, but her puppy retreated underneath a piece of furniture and did not survive the fire.

The authorities were notified, and Alachua County Sheriff’s Office deputies went to the address and took a statement from the alleged victim.

With many people now using home surveillance equipment, it was discovered that one of the neighbors had footage showing Hamilton near the woodshed right before it went up in flames.

The deputies posited Hamilton was responsible for the event and the woman was taken into custody.

Hamilton, who allegedly told the detectives that she had been drinking Fireball cinnamon whiskey all day, said she was not aware of the cause of the fire.

She was charged for suspicion of attempted murder, arson and animal cruelty, and booked into the county jail on an $80,000 bond.

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