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Burglar got Bestial during Repeat Visits to Horse Stable

A Florida man who was allegedly caught burglarizing a barn reportedly had sex with one of the housed horses on several occasions.

57-year-old Santiago Victoria reportedly works for a welding company in Vero Beach. The business parks its company vehicles close to a barn on a nearby personal property.

A woman owns the property, and she recently reportedly noticed that one of her horses looked like it had wounds on its neck. She also allegedly discovered different types of ropes in the stable where the miniature horse stays. She believed the marks on the horse’s neck were made with the ropes.

The owner placed home surveillance cameras with the hope of learning what was happening in her barn during the night.

Late in the evening on September 18, a man later identified as Victoria was reportedly spotted on the surveillance camera as he entered the barn without permission.

Victoria reportedly approached a horse named Mariah. In the footage from the surveillance camera, the man is allegedly seen behind the horse. He reportedly touched his penis for a few moments before departing.

Approximately 45 minutes later, Victoria allegedly re-entered the barn. The man reportedly spent half an hour messing around the rear end of the horse.

Victoria left the barn again, but within 20-minutes, he was reportedly seen returning for a third encounter with Mariah.

The authorities asserted that the video footage shows Victoria sexually penetrating the horse.

On October 8, the police spoke to Victoria about the allegations.

According to the police report, the man chose to discuss the situation with the authorities.

The police reported that Victoria admitted he had sex with the horse but could not recall how many times. When asked if it was at least three, the man reportedly confirmed.

Victoria was placed under arrest. He is facing charges for suspicion of felony burglary.

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