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Dad Set Moving Car on Fire with Toddler Inside

A South Carolina man was accused of kidnapping his toddler son, driving across state lines, and jumping out of his moving vehicle after lighting it on fire with the child still inside.
On May 8, the 31-year-old father of a 3-year-old child went to the home in Belton where the boy resides with his mother, violating a domestic violence restraining order the woman obtained a week prior. According to reports, the man assaulted the woman and threatened their child’s life. Afterward, he allegedly took the child from the house and drove away.
The authorities were notified about the alleged assault and kidnapping, and they set out to locate the vehicle. When deputies in unmarked cars spotted the car, they followed it without the driver knowing. They trailed the man down the Interstate, and he eventually crossed the state line and entered Georgia.
Georgia troopers were aware of the situation, and when the man entered the state, they began pursuing him. While they were following his car, the troopers reported that they saw it go up in flames, and they believed he used something as an accelerant. The car was going 55 MPH, but he was able to escape through the window.
Law enforcement was able to get the youngster out of the blazing vehicle, but they reported that 90% of his body was badly burned. He was rushed to a burn center where he remains in critical condition. Because his father left the boy inside, the authorities asserted that he attempted to murder the boy.
The man, who was found to have several priors for domestic violence, was also in need of medical attention, so he was taken to a local hospital. He will face charges in both Georgia and South Carolina, but they have not yet been made public.
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