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Florida Woman Used Holiday Candy as Assault Weapon

A Clearwater resident is facing felony charges after she allegedly injured her boyfriend with a pen and a candy cane during a domestic dispute.

On April 25, 35-year-old Christina Zicuis and her boyfriend reportedly became entangled in a situation that turned sour and became physical that involved a discussion about Zicuis’ deceased child.

When Zicuis allegedly decided that verbalizing her anger was not effective she reportedly grabbed a pen and thrust it in the direction of her boyfriend. The writing instrument allegedly pierced his skin and the man reportedly tried to depart from the home.

As her boyfriend exited the residence Zicuis allegedly got her hands on a brick and heaved it in the man’s direction, but it did not hit him and it was found shattered in the street.

The woman then allegedly threw a candy cane that reportedly struck her boyfriend in the arm and left visible marks.

When officers from the Clearwater Police Department arrived at the home it was reported that the man seemed to be sporting a mark consistent with a pen being thrust at him hard enough to break the skin. It was also reported that his arm showed swelling and bruising which was attributed to the candy cane striking him.

Zicuis, who was convicted for battery against a law enforcement officer in 2004 and deemed incompetent for a jury trial after a court-ordered psychiatric evaluation, was taken into custody for accusations of felony battery and aggravated assault.

She was booked into the Pinellas County jail where she spent the night before she was released on her own recognizance, and with an order that she have no contact with the alleged victim.

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