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Grandma Severely Burned Child For Urinating on Couch

A grandmother in Indiana has been accused of burning her young granddaughter after the child had a bathroom accident, soiling herself and the sofa with urine.

49-year-old Lebanon, Indiana resident Greta Feil was recently reportedly taking care of her two grandchildren while they were visiting her from their home state of Alabama.

Over the few weeks that the children were staying with Feil the Department of Child Services was called with reports a total of five times due to purported sounds of domestic unrest. The callers said they could hear screaming and profanities coming from inside the residence rather often.

When social workers tried to follow up on the reports given they were unsuccessful in their attempts to speak with Feil about the allegations.

Last Wednesday, the authorities tracked down Feil and her grandchildren and they reported that when they laid eyes on the little girl her face appeared badly burned.

The child was seen by doctors at Riley Hospital for Children, and it was reported that the girl had scalding on her scalp and genital area to the extent that she will have to undergo skin grafting and surgical procedures. She was also reported as being covered with bruises.

It was posited that the injuries to the child, whose age has not been disclosed, happened while she was in Feil’s care.

The authorities believe that it was the result of an incident where the child had to go to the bathroom and did not make it to the facilities causing her to urinate on herself. The urine reportedly seeped through and wet the sofa fabric, and the event allegedly caused Feil to administer a severe punishment. It has been asserted that Feil used scalding hot water on the young girl, causing the burns.

Feil is expected to face charges for suspicion of five counts of battery, and six counts of neglect of a dependent.

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