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Man Denied Owning Drugs Wrapped Around His Penis 

When the police reportedly found a package of drugs wrapped around a man’s penis, he said it did not belong to him. 

Early in the morning on December 18, 27-year-old Darius Owens was driving in Clearwater, Florida. It was reported that 34-year-old Patrick Florence, a resident of St. Petersburg, was riding in the front passenger seat.  

At approximately 4:00 am, an officer saw the vehicle Owens was driving, and reported that the headlights and taillights were not turned on.  

A traffic stop was initiated, and when Owens pulled over and interacted with the officer it was suspected that he was driving while under the influence. He was also allegedly found with marijuana. 

When Florence was identified as the passenger, an officer searched him. A foreign object was reportedly found in the front area of his pants. Upon further inspection, it was found that he had a pair of plastic baggies wrapped around his penis. 

It was reported that when asked, Florence said that the packages were not his. 

The authorities said one of the bags had a substance believed to be meth, and the other reportedly contained cocaine. 

The car was searched, and when they checked under the passenger seat it the police reportedly discovered a handgun. The piece was allegedly positioned in a way that led them to believe that it belonged to Florence. 

Florence, who has an extensive list of prior felony convictions on his record, is not allowed to own guns. 

The man reportedly told the officer that the gun did not belong to him, but the police dismissed his claim. 

Florence was taken into custody, and he is facing charges of suspicion of felony possession of cocaine, felony possession of methamphetamine, felony possession of ammunition, and felony possession of a firearm. He is being held on a $24,000 bond. 

Owens was also arrested and booked into the county jail. He is facing charges for DUI and possession of marijuana. 

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