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McDonald’s Patron Responded to Cold Fries With Gunfire

A woman who was reportedly less than happy with her meal at McDonald’s is facing several felony charges after she allegedly shot a bullet into the floor in the lobby of the establishment before forcing police to chase her.

When a customer went to a Garden City, Georgia, McDonald’s and placed an order for a meal she left the restaurant after she was given the bag containing her food. The woman reportedly became angry when she realized she was not given fresh french fries with her order.

After returning to the store and confronting the manager about the cold fries, the woman allegedly engaged in a verbal altercation that caused an employee to come to the manager’s assistance. The three continued to dispute when the customer, identified as Lillian Tarver, allegedly threw the contents of her drink cup at the staff members and let herself behind the counter without permission.

The worker reported that she felt the situation had become out of control and she waited for an opportunity to grab Tarver. When she had the chance she used Tarver’s hair in order to throw her across the restaurant floor.

The suspect allegedly got up and went to her vehicle, returning with a loaded gun that she reportedly used to fire a bullet into the floor.

The manager went into the kitchen to get a new order containing hot fries, while the owner opened the cash register so Tarver could be refunded her money for the unsatisfactory purchase.

Tarver reportedly took off after grabbing her cash and drove her vehicle out of the parking lot with police in pursuit.

A short distance from the McDonald’s, Tarver was taken into custody and she has been accused of felony armed robbery, felony aggravated assault, felony fleeing police, and felony firearms possession. In addition, she has been charged with misdemeanors for suspicion of reckless conduct, battery, aggressive driving, and reckless driving.

Tarver was incarcerated for the allegations and she is currently being held without bond.

No one was reported as being injured during the alleged event, but the employee involved in the suspected scuffle is trying to change to a different McDonald’s store because she no longer feels safe working at the location where the incident happened.

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