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Mom Asphyxiated Son by Kneeling on His Neck

The mother of a teenage boy allegedly kneeled on his throat until he was unable to breathe as she reportedly threatened to end his life in the same manner as George Floyd’s.

37-year-old Keriann C. Smith lives in a Genoa City, Wisconsin apartment with her 14-year-old son, and a daughter whose age has not been disclosed at this time.

On June 20, Smith reportedly attacked her son and allegedly applied a substantial amount of pressure to the boy’s throat using her knee.

While she reportedly remained in place for what the authorities asserted was a 45-second interval, Smith allegedly made comments to the boy referencing George Floyd, such as, “Do you want to die just like him?” and, “Tell me you can’t breathe, tell me.”

His sister reportedly captured the incident on video, and the boy called 911 as soon as he was able so that he could hail for assistance from the authorities.

When the police went to the residence and spoke with the children, the teen reportedly told them that he was afraid his mother might kill him, and both children said that the abuse was ongoing.

While the officers were in the apartment the kids reportedly showed them a stash of drugs including marijuana and prescription pills for which Smith did not appear to be prescribed.

The authorities collected the video from Smith’s daughter and asserted that Smith was the person depicted in the footage.

When the police spoke with Smith about the situation between her and the children, the woman allegedly told them that she would like them to take the kids away from her and did not want them anymore.

Smith was placed under arrest for allegations of felony child abuse, felony strangulation, and several misdemeanors including battery, possession of THC, possession of an illegally obtained prescription, possession of drug paraphernalia, and disorderly conduct.

Smith bonded out, and she has a preliminary hearing scheduled at the beginning of August at the Walworth County Circuit Court.

She could face a maximum penalty of 14-years in prison if she is found guilty of the charges.

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