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School Principal Left Bruises When He Paddled Children

The principal of an Oklahoma school is facing legal troubles after allegations regarding the amount of force he used while punishing two elementary school children with a paddle.

50-year-old Gary Gunckel is the principal of Indianola Public Schools in Oklahoma.

On September 6, a 10-year-old and 11-year old boy was punished by Gunckel when he hit them on their behinds with a wooden paddle after they got into a fight at school.

After the school day was over and the children returned home, one of them told their mother that they were experiencing physical discomfort. When she looked at his bottom she said that she saw bruises that she alleges came from the paddling he was given at school. Though she said that she gave her permission for the paddling she did not expect him to be hit as hard as she alleges he was.

The second child’s mother also said that she saw marks left on her child and she suspects they came from the punishment as well.

One of the mom’s decided to call Gunkle and ask him what transpired, and she contacted the authorities after she was unsatisfied with the outcome of their conversation.

Gunckel was issued charges of two counts of felony child abuse by injury for the accusations, and he is scheduled for a pretrial on October 12.

Paddling in schools is legal in the state of Oklahoma, and though Gunckel was placed on administrative leave for the time being, the district said that they believe Gunckel was following policy.

Gunckel reportedly released a statement saying that he is innocent of the allegations and he is eager to prove that at his court appearance.

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