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A man in Southwest Florida was arrested for allegedly burglarizing a yacht and pooping off the side of the vessel, leaving a pile of excrement on the dock.

Just before 5:30 AM on September 17, someone boarded a 40-foot yacht docked at the Laishley Park Marina in Punta Gorda without permission from the vessel’s owner, who was sleeping. While onboard, the person allegedly wandered around and rifled through the personal belongings on the boat. It was believed that some of the items might have been stolen.

The alleged victim looked at the surveillance camera footage, and they notified the authorities about the incident. They told the police that the video clearly shows a man rooting around their yacht, and then dropping trou before defecating on the dock next to the vessel.

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A former Colorado doctor from Florida is facing several charges after the police raided his Massachusetts yacht and found that he was allegedly in possession of illegal firearms and substances.

On the morning of September 5, a 69-year-old retired physician from Key Largo was out on his 70-foot yacht in the Nantucket Harbor with a female passenger. The woman on board became ill, and the police were notified.

It was reported that officers from the Nantucket Police Department, the U.S. Coast Guard, the Nantucket Harbor Master’s Office, and the local fire department worked together to locate the vessel. When they found it, the authorities went to the woman, who was in the bedroom, and believed she had overdosed on drugs. She was taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

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A well-known business owner and member of the Cherryville, Florida, community is facing charges for allegedly using a hidden camera to capture videos of girls, some of which were underage, without their knowledge while they were showering on his yacht.

Richard Hilliard Jr. is a 49-year-old man who is a member of the family that owns a foam molding company called Modern Polymers. He and his family are known throughout their community due to the popularity of their business.

Hilliard is the proprietor of a person yacht which he named “Yacht’s O’ Trouble,” and he extended an invitation to eight young women, one of which was his former babysitter, to join him on the vessel for an excursion. He also recruited the mother of his ex-babysitter as a chaperone for the three underage girls and five young women he planned to entertain.

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