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Two Naked Women Choked and Thrown Out of Residence

33-year-old Calvin Rassasombath resides in an apartment in Clearwater, Florida with his 27-year-old wife Ciraya.

Last weekend, Ciraya invited one of her female friends to the residence so they could spend time together and enjoy a few drinks.

Later in the evening, the ladies reportedly disrobed and approached Calvin for an alleged preplanned sexual threesome.

Before the trio allegedly began to engage in carnal play, Ciraya’s friend reportedly took offense to the way Calvin was behaving towards his significant other, and she let the man know how she felt.

Ciraya reportedly took her friend’s side in the disagreement, and they allegedly took part in a war of words with Calvin.

Tensions allegedly mounted to the extent that Calvin reportedly put his hands around each of the women’s throats before ushering them out of the apartment while they were still sans clothing.

911 was notified about the alleged domestic unrest, and law enforcement arrived at the couple’s apartment to investigate the situation.

An officer spoke with Ciraya and her friend and noted that the women were sporting redness and bruises on their throats.

As reflected in the reports, both women gave similar accounts of what had transpired that evening, and the officer went to speak with Calvin about their claims.

After having a conversation with Calvin, the officer reported that the man was placed under arrest.

He was reportedly read his rights, but he chose to provide a statement about the incident.

Calvin reportedly said that the woman wanted to have sex with him, but he stated that he was uninterested.

He was reported as saying that the females became aggressive with him when he denied their wishes. Calvin said he had to get assertive with them to leave the residence so he could call the police.

Calvin was booked into the Pinellas County Jail, and he is expected to face charges for felony battery, and misdemeanor battery.

After paying a $5,500 bond, Calvin was released from incarceration with no-contact orders that legally prohibit him from interacting with both of the alleged victims.

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