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Two Women Assaulted Several Troopers in Food Market 

Two women in Delaware are facing charges after allegedly becoming unruly in a Wawa store and assaulting and injuring the responding officers. 

In the early morning hours on December 27, two people went to Wawa market in Bear together.  

While they were inside the establishment, it was reported that they lost their keys and became upset. 

The women reportedly asked the employees if they could help them get into their vehicle.  

When the staff was unable to assist, the women reportedly began to cause destruction to the displays in the store. They also allegedly struck one of the workers. 

The other shoppers in the market locked themselves in the manager’s office with several staff members, and the police were notified. 

When they arrived, the officers noted that the people were still in the office. It was reported that one of the women was making threats while trying to get inside. 

The women allegedly began to assault the troopers, who later identified the suspects as 20-year-old Ja’aonne Bell, and Azaina Davis, 21, residents of Wilmington. It was additionally reported that they fought more than one EMS worker. 

The authorities reported that Bell and Davis were spitting at them, physically assaulting them, and resisting detainment. 

After the women were secured, Bell and Davis were taken into custody. 

Davis is facing four felony charges of resisting arrest with force, second-degree conspiracy, second-degree injury upon a law enforcement officer, and criminal mischief for damaging property, in addition to misdemeanor charges of offensive touching of a law enforcement officer, offensive touching, disorderly conduct, criminal nuisance, and two counts of offensive touching with bodily fluids. She was released on a $6,000 bond. 

Bell is being charged with felony resisting arrest with force, felony criminal mischief for damaging property, felony second-degree conspiracy, and misdemeanors for offensive touching, disorderly conduct, criminal nuisance, and offensive touching with bodily fluids. She was released on a $5,000 bond. 

It was reported that two of the troopers went to the hospital for treatment because of the incident. 

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