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Upcoming Hearing for Man Who Bit Off Friend’s Ear during Fight

When a Florida man and his traveling companion got into an altercation, he reportedly bit off a piece of the alleged victim’s ear in the scuffle.

45-year-old James Lenn Williams is from Port St. Lucie. He recently took a trip to the Oceans Edge Resort & Marina on Stock Island with a male and two female friends.

Around 2:30 am last Thursday, the female in the group passed out after the foursome had been enjoying their evening.

The woman was placed in a wheelbarrow and being brought back to her room when Williams reportedly began to bother her while she was unconscious. The man allegedly dumped beer on her and made nasty remarks.

Williams’ male friend was offended by the man’s alleged behavior towards the sleeping woman, and he made his position on the matter known.

When the man told Williams he was acting disrespectfully, Williams reportedly got physical with his friend. He allegedly held the man on the ground by the throat and bit off a piece of his ear.

The woman in the wheelbarrow woke up, and the other woman joined her in trying to get Williams to back off of the alleged victim.

The man reportedly knocked them both onto the ground.

The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office received notification about the alleged assaults, and deputies went to the hotel.

When they arrived, the officers said that Williams was no longer at the scene. The alleged victim with the missing piece of the ear was being treated by the paramedics.

Williams was placed under arrest and booked into the county jail. He is being charged with one count of felony domestic battery by strangulation, one count of felony aggravated battery causing bodily harm, and two counts of misdemeanor battery.

Williams is being held on an $80,000 bond, and his arraignment is scheduled for August 20.

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