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Mom Abused Son Over Unfinished Homework


A preteen who failed to do his homework was allegedly punished by being physically assaulted by his mother who is now being charged for the incident.

In May, a 12-year-old boy got in trouble when his mother learned that he did not do his homework. She allegedly issued his punishment by abusing him in different ways.

The boy’s mom, Sharleen Hidalgo, has been accused of harshly criticizing her son, in addition to several types of physical assaults such as punching and kicking, due to his failure to complete class assignments.

The two brothers of the alleged victim said that they saw their mother’s interaction with their brother, and a surveillance camera inside of the family’s home also reportedly captured the incident on video.

Though the boy never told anyone what took place, Hidalgo’s husband viewed the recording a short period of time after it happened. He also allegedly discovered two other times that the camera caught Hidalgo verbally and physically assaulting the boy and his younger brother who is 5.

Hidalgo’s husband called the Departments of Children and Families and told them what he had found in the videos, and the authorities began an investigation into the claims.

Police spoke with Hidalgo and her family on Tuesday, and she and her three children all allegedly gave statements reflecting that what was seen taking place in the recordings was an accurate depiction of the incidents.

After being arrested and charged with child abuse, and domestic violence battery, Hidalgo was jailed and is being held on $4,000 bond. The children are being cared for by family members while the case further develops.

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