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Burglars Caught While Making Themselves at Home

A man and woman reportedly entered a stranger’s home without permission, and in addition to taking the resident’s belongings they also allegedly helped themselves to the household amenities.

When a woman arrived at her home and noticed a truck that she didn’t recognize parked in her driveway she became concerned and notified the authorities. While awaiting their arrival she dialed a family member and he came to her home.

The alleged victim’s relative went into the house with a firearm which he used to keep the suspects from leaving the scene before the police arrived.

The officers reached the residence and reportedly found some of the victim’s personal belongings in the truck. It was further alleged that the suspects, 20-year old Camri Cantwell, and 38-year-old Richard Nippell, made use of the coffee pot, and did their laundry in the washing machine while they were inside the home. Nippell was also purported to have cleaned himself off in the woman’s shower.

Cantwell and Nippell, who were both recorded as being homeless, were taken into custody and booked for suspicion of burglary. The police allegedly found just over half a gram of methamphetamine on Nippell which added one count of aggravated drug possession to his charges.

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